[Download] Official Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware.


   Earlier this week, there was information that the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Galaxy S6 Galaxy S6 Edge  has been delayed indefinitely, because Samsung wants to make sure the firmware is perfect with no bugs or errors. Fortunately, the delay was just for a little time, and the Nougat update is finally out and available to all Galaxy S6 Edge users. The message update notifications was received from users from the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

   This is the official released android 7.0 Nougat Firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F. Do not try to install this stock Rom on any other Android device. This is the latest Official Rom available at the moment, you can easily upgrade your phone and start enjoying the android 7.0 features by flashing with Odin.

You can download the firmware zip file from the download links below, it is about 2 GB in size. All thanks to the original file uploaders, the download links are very fast we appreciate their hard work.


  • Completely redesigned user interface.
  • Updated menu
  • Fast settings and new notification services, including the ability
    to reply messages straight from the notification center without opening
    the application. 

   This update is an official release packaged for flashing manually
with Odin by Samsung, so it includes everything: modem, bootloader etc.
There’s is no errors or booting problem. The region of the ROM makes no
difference. Happy flashing and please let me know how it works.

Download Links All Firmware Region Available

All Firmware in one place:

SM-G925F_1_20170208101213_88qqnhx0ta_XEU.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:21
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_CNX.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:21
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_CYV.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:21
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_MOB.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:20
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_MTL.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:21
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_OMN.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:30
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_SIM.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:22
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_SWC.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:21
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VD2.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:30
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VDF.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:30
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VDH.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:31
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VDI.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:31
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VGR.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:33
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VIP.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:31     
SM-G925F_1_20170227220539_jeehtqtak2_VOD.zip       10-Mar-2017 12:31


Very Important:

  •     After Downloading the Stock Rom you must extract it to a separate folder
  •    You must disable re-activation lock on your Galaxy A5 before you flash this firmware. To disable Goto:

    “Lock Screen and protection”
    “Find my phone”
and “disable “activation lock”

    During the update/upgrade firmware process, all your data and files will be permanently removed.
    You must also do a manual factory reset to prevent errors and system slowdown.

 How To Install  With Odin:

1) extract/unzip firmware file (should show as .tar)
2) download odin v3.09 or newer and extract
3) open odin
4) Reboot Phone in Download Mode (press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)
5) Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
6) Add the firmware file to AP / PDA
7) Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked and keep odin default settings
8) Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes

    Note: if your phone freezes at the Samsung logo boot into recovery and wipe data and cache.


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