How to get a bokeh picture effect on any iOS and Android-smartphone?


   You don’t need to buy a dual camera smartphone or a bokeh lens, in other to get a bokeh effect in your pictures. After the lunch of HTC M8, iPhone 7, Huawei’s Honor 8 and P9, the Web has been increasingly discussing the possibility of taking pictures with a blurred background. This effect gives images greater sense of solidity and quality. It makes your picture looks more professional. For people who do not have a bokeh smartphone or an android with bokeh camera, all you need is a free bokeh effect app called “AfterFocus”

   It is both available for iOS and Android users. However, for iOS you will have to pay about $0.99, the Android version is free but with ads. A paid version without ads is also available for android.

How to take bokeh photos with phone using AfterFocus app:

   The first thing the user needs is to select a photo, or take a picture using your phone camera. Then you select which method you will prefer for the focus area, you can either choose between SMART or MANUAL method. Then you need the app tools to choose an area that is in focus, the area to be part of the focus and the area that will be completely blurred:

   When using the SMART method in AfterFocus the allocation of a specific area allocates a similar color area next to it. For example, if you draw a line on the object, which will partially covers all parts of it, the object will be allocated in its completely. The same applies to the background.

   Using the Manual method is always the best for me, you will have the chance to select and paint over the object manually, and you can easily get the real bokeh(light effect) using the application settings available to the user. You can change and adjust the power of the blur, anti-aliasing of the object that is in focus, apply filters, you can also adjust the blur effect. For example, if the photograph shows a field, you can use the parameter «Fading BG» to make the blur to appear gradually as the distance from the camera.

   Technically, the application can be called perfect, there is nothing superfluous, the bokeh camera settings in the application is perfect, if you know how to use them. It’s the most convenient in terms of functionality and in terms of use. Definitely we recommend AfterFocus for download.

Name: AfterFocus

Developer: MotionOne
Category: Photography
Version: 2.1.0
Price: Free
Download:  Google Play
For iPhone and iPad :

Name: AfterFocus
Developer: MotionOne
Category: Photography
Version: 2.1.0
Price: $0.99
Download: App Store

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