This is the blackberry E-Screen generator for old blackberry os7.1, 6.0 and os4 phones. You can easily access this secret useful menu on your bb by pressing the alt, left shift, and H key at the same time. I have create a little script that can help you access your escreen by entering the corresponding details from the Help me Screen into the generator below:

Engineering Keygen

Enter data above.
<!-- START RedMeasure V4 - Java v1.1 Revision: 1.8
--> --> -->

How to enable and change 3G/2G network mode on Blackberry Phones.

  • Go to your engineering screen
  • Make sure your phone is set to 2G & 3G in the mobile network options.
  • Then on the engineering screen follow:
  • Mobile network engineering screens
  • PLMN selection
  • Press menu and select manual mode
  • Press the menu key again and select "Disable RAT_GERAN".
  • That will disable 2G and leave 3G only

How To Find The MEP/PRD Number Of A Blackberry For Unlocking

  • Scroll down the screen menu and click on OS Engineering Screens.
  • Scroll down  and click on Device Info.
  • You should now be in the Device Information screen menu. Scroll down the menu until you see the MEP number and Your device PRD number. An example of an MEP number looks like this: MEP-09292-005
  • Send it to your unlocking service with the IMEI and PRD numbers to guarantee a safe device unlock code.