There are so many issues and problems many Facebook users are facing on there smartphones. Most of them report that their Facebook app and FB messenger stopped working after updating it, not connecting to an active internet connection, keep on crashing, blank screen and many more. Today am going to give you possible solutions to common Facebook application on both Android and iOS smartphones and how you can fix them.

List Of Common Errors/issues:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Facebook keep on crashing
  • Screen always blank
  • Facebook has stopped
  • Facebook not working on WiFi 

Error: Internet connection issues after updating to latest version

    If you are facing the problem of not been able to connect to the internet WiFi or mobile data, and the error message reads "sorry unable to log in please check internet connection" after you update your Facebook app to the latest version, you might need to downgrade your Facebook app to an older version to fix your internet connection issues. This is due to the fact Facebook app and messenger has a history of poor updates, or inability to update. To downgrade your Facebook follow the instructions below:

1. Uninstall the updated Facebook app
2. Make sure you have allow the the installation of unknown sources apps under your security settings
3. Download and install your desired working old version of Facebook.apk below:

You can also try to turn on Flight mode for a few moments, then turn it off and restart your device.   

Error: Facebook has stopped

    Many users have reported the Facebook has stopped error message, when attempting to open the application on their phone. Users can easily solve this problem by rebooting into Recovery and wiping the cache partition. You can also try the steps below if you don't have access to your phone recovery.
  • Go to Phone Settings
  • Click on installed apps or App Manager
  • Locate the Facebook app and force Stop it
  • Clear the cache and data
  • Re-update the app to the latest version from play store

Error: Facebook keep on crashing, hanging or blank screen

   Most of the Facebook app  issues/errors are caused by turning on power saving mode for android users. You can try to disable power saving on your phone and restart it, this can solve the crashing and blank screen issues.

Error: Facebook not working on WiFi

   If you are having a WiFi connection issues with your Facebook app, the best way to solve this problem is to disable ipv6 on your WiFi router settings. You should only do this if your FB App is working Fine on your mobile internet connection data. You can also downgrade or update your current Facebook version to get it to work with your WiFi.

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