The first Nokia-branded mobiles running Android are due to be available early next month. Nokia is now owned by HMD, a Finnish company which will now be using the Nokia's brand name in the productions of their upcoming smartphones. As we know that Nokia Brand is famous because of its rigid body and battery capacity that provided efficiently. This is certainly going to be a good news for the Nokia loyal fans.

   HMD Global will be exclusively manufacturing these devices. Originally, there would be up to seven new phones in 2017, and Nokia will aim to launch phones in all price ranges. Forthcoming Android handsets could in some cases be priced as low as $150, for example the 3GB RAM Nokia D1C will cost about $200 while the 2GB RAM lower-end model will be only $150. Nokia Android Phones should be available starting from next month this year. The mobile is expected to be available in charcoal black, pearl white and deep blue colors.

The Nokia Web browsing HTML5 Performance Review

   With Nokia you get a sharp performance with no lagging, Nokia has fixed some serious issues on the next gen smartphones as you can expect much smoother performance. The Latest Nokia Web browser renders pages faster than most of other android browsers, it loads the page instantly. It now has the latest HTML5 video player and the adobe flash player support that gives it an advantage over other browsers. It makes surfing YouTube and playing online games a real possibility.

   According to an early video Review on YouTube, it has one of the fastest HTML 5 browsing performance which can effectively run online games and even online casino games. These are good news for users who want to experience the adrenaline rush from their own mobile by playing their favorite online games because they will get the same awesome experience as a PC.

   Nokia fans have to choose from a huge selection of Android-friendly casino games and some sites have the option to practice your desired online casino games and even playing it for real money. This puts you under no pressure to deposit and it's a perfect way to try out the games and see which ones you want to take a real shot at.

It looks beautiful on mobile with a smooth performance on screen, with all of the new offerings popping up, there is no shortage of Android games or Android online casino games for you to choose from. Each tested games all measure up to the high standards players will expect with highest quality graphics and easy loading playtimes.

The first batch of flagship and mid-range Nokia Android Smartphone is expected to be revealed to the world at Mobile World Congress - MWC 2017, and should be available to the world very soon.


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  1. I hope nokia can be able to make a difference with their upcoming lines of smartphones. Nice try Nokia, you are welcome :D