This is the collections of original stock rom for the NOMU s10 and NOMU s20, flashing this rom will help you to unbrick and refresh your phone to factory default and solve many problems. Just download the stock firmware below and flash with Sp Flash toolor you can also flash using your custom TWRP Recovery.

This Official firmware is for both the NOMU s10 and NOMU s20. Do not attempt to flash on any other NOMU Android Smartphones and also make sure you choose and install the appropraite Stock Firmware version for your device.

Some of the download links are not in English language, you must use a browser with automatic translation i recommend google Chrome.

Official Stock Firmware For NOMU s10 Only

Firmware v1.0.2 for Nomu s10 install with Flash Tool
Download link
Alternate Link

Firmware v1.0.2 for Nomu s10 install with Flash Tool MEGA links - from the manufacturer
Download link

System and Boot from the drain to V1.0.3_2016_10_24 Nomu S10 (backup TWRP) it was backed up using TWRP 3.0.2-2 

Firmware 1.0.3 for Nomu s10 for FlashTool
Download link
Password for archive:

Official Stock Firmware For NOMU S20 Only

Firmware v1.0.2 for Nomu s20 for Flash Tool
Download Link

Firmware v1.0.2 for Nomu s20 install with SP-FlashTools MEGA LINK - from the manufacturer
Mega Download Link

How To Flash Firmware with Sp-Flashtool:

  •  Run sp Flash Tools as administrator
  •  Select scatter loading 
  •  Then choose ANDROID_SCATTER.txt
  •  Click on Download or Upgrade firmware according to your phone state.

NOTE: You will have to choose DOWNLOAD only if your device is brick and you want to unbrick it. otherwise you can just select FIRMWARE UPGRADE.

  • Connect your phone switched off to your pc
  • The progress bar should start running
  • You will then see a success message with (a green circle with ok).
  • Disconnect the phone.
  • Do a Factory Reset in recovery mode to prevent errors.
 For more information check out this post Here

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  1. What an amazing rugged phone! I saw the freezing test video of NOMU S10
    Pro here: It is totally the best of the
    best rugged phone. And my dad gonna love it so much. And I gonna buy one
    for my dad.

  2. I think everyone has such impression on NOMU S10 Pro if they have used
    the phone --- super waterproof, super loud speaker, fast and precise
    motion control, large storage capacity, just like the guy said in the
    video Such features are all
    so important for a phone. By the way, its speaker is really nice, the
    voice is very loud and clear.

  3. Got the phone and started to test it. Fell it from high, brought it into
    the shower, and then checked it out. As expected, it’s totally okay
    after my tests. Now I trust it very much and will pay attention to any
    new products from NOMU. Recommend a video to you guys, it’s really

  4. It’s just perfect for me. As an outdoor explorer, long battery life is
    always the priority when I choose a phone. Luckily, I found S10 Pro.
    It’s usually out of juice after the third day of usage. It makes my
    journey more smooth and much more secured. Here you can learn about the
    amazing phone.

  5. Thank you. long sought it

  6. It’s a truly functional rugged phone. Besides excellent water-proof and
    drop-proof performance, it has walkie-talkie, fingerprint unlock,
    external camera, NFC, OTG, etc. It’s totally an all-in-one device.