Today's Deal share to win a free gift is here again, courtesy of Six lucky customers and buyers will be randomly reward with free gifts, after paying for orders on gearbest for at least $40 starting from October 17 to October 21.
Check out the qualification rules below:

1.   Dear customer,here’s a FREE GIFT game, we will randomly reward 6 LUCKY Customers with FREE GIFTS.
2.  To qualify, pay for orders on GEARBEST at least $40 from Oct 17 to Oct 21. Share the activity link to your social media.
3.   The list of lucky dog will be published in our FACEBOOK on Oct 22. They will also receive a notification email.
4.   GearBest reserves the right to amend the rules
 There are also some other promo categories you can check out they are:
  • New arrival star ( New Product New Price)
  • Snipe The Deals (Every product has a quantity limit, so Be Fast, catch up the lowest price)
  • Category display
  • Ultimate Deals Coupon
  • Battle Of The Brands
Remember this promotion will last for just a few days, this is the time to grab your product while promo is still active. Please help share this article and also let your friends and  loved ones know about this on going promo, you have no reason to be selfish when there is enough for everyone......Lol.


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