Today i am going to show you different ways to remove a security feature known as privacy protection password on any android phones. The methods and solutions listed and described in this post has all been tested by me, you can keep trying them one after another until you find a method that will help you unlock your device.

Question: What is Privacy Unlock Password?

Answer: It is an Inbuilt security anti-theft  feature that came with most of the android phones running OS 4.3- 6.0 e,g Tecno, Infinix, samsung, Huawei e.t.c. Once enabled it will prevent any unauthorized user from accessing your phone until the required setup password has been entered.

Question: Why is my phone asking me to enter a privacy protection password?

Answer: This can happen if you or previous user have previously set up a mobile anti-theft password on your android using a Sim card. Some phones also comes with factory locked privacy protection, in either way you will still need to insert the anti theft password and the phone will be unlocked.

Other Reasons Include:
  • You Forgets Mobile Anti-Theft PIN.
  • You have wipe or reset your phone.
  • You have previously set up mobile anti-theft password using a sim card.

Possible Solutions And Methods

Method 1: Try Using a Combination Of Default Passwords

If you can't remember setting up the mobile anti theft feaure, then chances are that your phone came with a factory locked privacy protection from the manufacturer. You can Try using the different default passwords like 0000 or 1234 or 000000 or 123456 when it asks for the privacy password. If this doesn't work for you then try Forgot Password and sign in with the Google account otherwise try a factory reset or Method 2 below.

Method 2: Flashing Phone Stock Firmware/Rom Using Sp Flashtools

Downloading and flashing exact stock Firmware for your phone can help you remove/fix the problem.

Select Correct Firmware, Wrong Firmware Can Brick The Phone !!!
  •  Run sp Flash Tools as administrator
  •  Select scatter loading 
  •  Then choose ANDROID_SCATTER.txt
  •  Click on Download or Upgrade firmware according to your phone state.

NOTE: You will have to choose
"Format All + Download" .
  • Connect your phone switched off to your pc
  • The progress bar should start running
  • You will then see a success message with (a green circle with ok).
  • Disconnect the phone.
  • Do a Factory Reset in recovery mode to prevent errors.
 For more information check out this post Here.
 If  IMEI get corrupted you can always enter original/repair imei by following instructions HERE

Method 3: Miracle Box Method


Download Miracle Box 
Download Miracle box drivers Here
* PC
* USB cord
* Manually Install Mediatek VCOM drivers

How To Use:

1. Extract the content of the Miracle Box to your desktop. Open the folder and run "Miracle_Loader_2.27A"
2. Wait till the Miracle Box program is launched
3. Click on the MTK tab
4. Click on the Unlock / Fix tab
5. Tick Clear Anti-theft
6. Click the drop down box and select your chipset type MT****
7. Click the Start Button
8. Connect the phone to the PC (must be switched off still with battery inside)
9. Press the power button once (this is to ensure that your device is detected immediately). DO NOT hold down the power button else the phone will boot up normally
10. Wait for the message ">>Done. (Need to wait a few minutes the phone is switched)"
11. Disconnect and power on the phone.

Method 4: Emergency Contact Solution

   This is very useful if you or the former phone user has forget password. Actually when setting up the privacy protection anti-theft security, There would be a setting to add a trusted administrator as an emergency contacts phone number, who will receive a text to confirm they had been added and also a text when the sim card had been changed . They can easily get your protection number by sending a request to your phone.

The registered mobile number you add as a trusted administrator in anti-theft will received a message that your phone has been stolen. you can just reply to the message with # password# or #mima#  (with hashtags )within few seconds you will received a message containing your pin entered that pin and unlocked my phone.

   There are three commands that you can send to your phone ( from your emergency contacts cell phones) . One of the commands will send you back a new privacy protection password to unlock your phone. The command is # mima # (with hashtags ) . I sent that word from my husband' s phone and I received a message with a new code to unlock my cell phone. Once I did , I obviously changed the code and also you can turn the anti theft off so you dont have the problem any more.
1. Emergency contacts are used to send remote control commands.
2. When SIM cards are changed, notifications will be sent to emergency contact via SMS

List of Remote control commands:

1. Remote phone lock send message #suoding#
2. Remote data wipe Send message #xiaohui#
3. fetch back anti-theft PIN  Send message #mima# or #password#


I am a phone engineer who has a passion for bloging, i am always happy to answer questions and help solve any problem. You are welcome to Phonetweakers.

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  1. I've tried doing the #mima# but it doesn't work and the download link to miracle box doesn't qork. please help

    1. The miracle box link has been updated thanks for letting us know.

    2. #mima# worked for me , can't believe that , thank you brother

    3. Hi bro I downloaded miracle 27a on my computer and I tried to use this miracle . And when I launch the program it shows me maybe driver not installed so can you help me plz

  2. I have the same problem and I have reinstalled the previous SIM card that I removed that triggered this problem but the phone still demands my PPP. I Don want to flash my phone as iwold lose so much precious information. Please can I get a reply to my email pleas.

    1. You can try using the Miracle box method 3 if you have a PC. It won't erase your data and files just make sure the required MTK drivers has been installed on your computer

    2. Can you show me the way to download mtk. Drivers

  3. #mima# worked for me amazing , can't believe that , and there was a list whe n i set the antitheft , but #mima# was not there in the list of codes , i was thinking , that i'm domed , since SP tools and many other tools , doesn't support my recent MTK chipset , and i don"t have a scatter file and no original rom , are posted yet on the net , thank you brother

    1. Please with #mima# being sent from a trusted administrator number, who will receive the new password me whose phone is locked or the trusted administrator? and please what does the #password# works for.Please respond i have been having this issue for 3 days now cant access my phone

  4. Thank you for letting me know about it, am glad it worked for you. I will advise you to disable or turn off privacy protection on your phone.

  5. i tried to flash my tecno j7 but can't recognize usb pls help me

  6. Please check maybe very well. Your USB port might be faulty or maybe you don't have vcom drivers install on your computer.

  7. thanks i have to remove my anti theft password.

  8. Thanks dis mima of a thing worked perfectly, thanks again but like 3 different passcode sent to my trusted admin and only one worked guess its due to persistently sending of d mima, so with d one that worked i can still use it for future openings.God bless you

  9. Hi!!!i have the same problem with infinix note. Pleas help me.

  10. thanks very much, #mima# from it to my phone i got privacy protection password as message
    one condition both phone need balance to send message

    1. U welcome and Thank you very much for letting us know about this. Your comment will help a lot of people.