This is a simple solution for the Blackberry OS 7,6, and os 5 users who lost their Facebook App after updating to the latest update some few days ago. BB Users can now downgrade their application to old versions and continue enjoying their old facebook features on their blackberry.

Users are unable to Sort out the facebook app issue, where their facebook app has suddenly changed to the browser format after updating it to the latest version. it now opens through the web
browser and they can't access some certain feautures on their account.


The solution to this problem is to download the old facebook app for blackberry and DO NOT UPDATE the app again.

Note: If you try downloading the app but you keep getting error message "907 Invalid COD File Not Found"  Go to Option-Application delete the new Facebook app on your blackberry and redownload the appropriate version for your blackberry OS.

Download Links:

 For Os. 6.0 (use blackberry default browser)

For Os 7.0 and Above ( copy the file to pc, extract the content and install on your blackberry)

Other version

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For Blackberry 10 users

You can use a third-party Facebook app called face10, This app works and behaves like the original Facebook app and also the best alternative which you can't underestimate it power and features, face10 is made by group of tech and developers called Nemory Studios.

You Can Download Face10 on blackberry appworld using your BB10 phone like Q5, Q10 Z10, Z30, etc. BB10 users you might still be able to use Facebook for android on your phone, all you need to do is get the android apk app, side-load the Facebook.apk and install it on your BB10, just bear in mind that this method might work for you or it might not work, but if doesn't work just download the face10 app in link below.

Download Face10 ( Use your bb browser)


Download Facebook.apk ( Latest version )

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