Have you ever been in a situation, when you try to watch any video on the Internet through your Android phone, but the internet connection speed is  very  slow?  Maybe it's the poor coverage of your mobile networks, or  maybe you are connected to a poor Wi-Fi  router. You will agree with me that it will be very nice if you can combine the speed of  your mobile internet connection and  your Wi-Fi  together in other to  watch your videos  in normal quality and without interruptions?

    Well, this can be done  with the help of VideoBee you can  try  it. VideoBee is an Android-application that allows you to combine your connection to the mobile internet and Wi-Fi, and watch videos without problems. Since you have two different Internet connection, you can use VideoBee for combining them together E.g. mobile internet + WI-Fi or WI-Fi + WI-Fi. You can also combine your connection  and connect with your  friends, thus creating a flow of two connections to the mobile network. Moreover, you do not even need root access.

                 How to Start  using VideoBee 

    To get started, download the app from HERE or  XDA  . Then decide which network you want to use for online video streaming. If you are using a device connecting to the mobile Internet (for example, a smartphone or a 3G-tablet), then you will need to click the option Wi-Fi + Mobile. If your device does not connect to the mobile Internet, the only thing you have to do is select Wi-Fi, and connect to another device that has an internet connection.
    To take advantage of the properties of VideoBee, you need more than one connection to the Internet, whether mobile internet or Wi-Fi. You will also need to make sure, of  the stability of the connection in the mobile Internet, and the Wi-Fi. Once all requirements are met, you can use VideoBee in either Solo, or in batch mode.

Solo mode: 
If you have an active connection to the mobile Internet, and Wi-Fi, you can take advantage of this application in Solo. Simply select the Wi-Fi and Mobile, and try to view streaming video through VideoBee. Below you can see a good example of how the application works with the combined connect to Wi-Fi router (3.3 Mbit / s) and connect to the mobile internet (2.7 Mbit / s)

Group mode (Group Mode)
You can also create a group to automatically increase the performance on each device. To do this, select the Create a new group, and enable the connection over Bluetooth, so that your device is available for other devices. Once a new group is created, your friends will be able to connect to it by selecting the Join an existing group.
To use VideoBee in batch mode, make sure that the group has joined at least one friend of yours. Group mode supports the following combinations: WiFi + Mobile, WiFi + WiFi, Mobile + Mobile.

If you want to share your videos with friends, you can click Local (in the upper right corner) to send video locally to those who is with you in the same group. You can also share videos through Facebook or Twitter.

At the time of writing, VideoBee is under the open beta, and currently only supports YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo and NBC. In addition, the application allows you to add all 2 user group connection. Should not rely solely on the update and add new features is still in the course of application development.


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